Minutes of the Jarvis Brook and East Ward Neighbourhood Policing Panel Meeting Held 7th February, 2014. Amended.

Present: Sue Barnard (SB), J. Brodie (JB), V. Brodie (VB), Paul Burgess (PB), Michael Beedell (MB), Sue Cowen (SC), Peter Cowie (PC), Leslie Denman (LD), Anne Divall (AD), Peter Ellefsen (PE), Elizabeth Fermor (EF), Brian Gardiner (BG), Joan Gardiner (JG), Paul Guntrip (PG), Marilyn Hall, Mick Hall (MH), Mary Harris, Roger Harnett (RH), Margaret Hemsley, Cliff Langley (CL), M. Lightfoot (ML), Julian Lovatt (JL), Rod Norman (RN), Jane Oliver (JO), Derek Onslow (DO), Julie Pearce-Martin (JP), Denis Peerless, Sally Potter (SP), David Pye, Lesley Roberts (LR), Pat Sales, Peter Sales, Jill Stanyon (JS), Colin Stocks (CS), Richard Stogdon (RS), Sylvia Tidy (ST), Anne Turner (AT), Richard Waters (RW), Alan Warr, Alan Weaver, Georgina Wells (GW), John Whibley (JW),

Apologies: Monica Birchall, Jane Clarke (JC), Anne Cooke (AC), Steve Isted (SI), Sandra Timms.

Matters Arising

Dog Fouling

The Dog Control Order in the Wealden District came into force on the 1st January, 2014. Police officers and PCSOs are empowered to enforce the law; Wealden District Council (WDC) are the prosecuting authority.

RW reported that the police have yet to be issued with enforcement tickets.

Double Yellow Lines

Burdett Road

Double yellow lines have been painted along Burdett Road, from the junction with Crowborough Hill to the junction with Bracken Close. In addition, double yellow lines have been painted at the junction of Rodwell and Crowborough Hill.

The lines appear to be significantly reducing congestion at the junction of Burdett Road and Crowborough Hill. Previously, large vehicles - in particular buses and refuse vehicles - were often finding their route impeded by the parked vehicles.

Osborne Road

A number of new panel attendees from Osborne Road were present at the meeting to discuss painting of double yellow lines at the junction of Osborne Road and Crowborouh Hill, and on the section of Crowborough Hill immediately opposite Osborne Road.

RS reported that East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Highway Authority officers were currently considering the requests. If officers conclude that the lines are needed, a consultation with local residents will be required. A similar process was undertaken at Burdett Road, and objections were received, though ultimately overruled. It was noted that it took more than three years from the time of initial discussions about lines on Burdett Road until they were implemented.

RS also reported that he has requested a site meeting with Highway Authority officers, and both he and Sylvia Tidy are supportive of the application.

Worn Double Yellow Lines

Several locations were noted where double yellow lines have become very worn. PG advised the meeting that worn lines could be reported through the ESCC road and footway problem reporting page at http://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/contactus/reportaproblem/map.aspx. When using the reporting page, note that the cone remains stationary, and the map is moved in order to locate the problem.

Western Road Traffic Survey

PE reported that the Western Road Residents Association (WRRA) had met with ESCC to see the traffic management software used by ESCC, and to discuss the analysis of the traffic statistics obtained by ESCC and the statitics obtained by the WRRA. There is still no agreement from ESCC that the statistics derived from the two traffic surveys are not equivalent.

During the discussions, ESCC proposed mitigation measures that include lowering the road under the railway bridge, and changing parking restrictions along Western Road. However, the plans are not yet detailed or clear.

A new traffic monitoring cable has been installed at the Western end of Western Road, but it is not known which agency has installed it.

Hi-Vis Jackets for Pedestrians

JP reported that the Hi-Vis tabards and jackets for children attending local primary schools, and their parents, have been produced. Distribution to parents and children at Jarvis Brook school is complete, and JP will be giving the clothing to parents and children at Herne and Whitehill schools in the near future.

Deposits are not being requested, but parents are registering their details when they take the jackets.

JP confirmed that she continues to speak with parents to emphasise the need to keep children safe during their journeys to and from school. Anti-social parking in the vicinity of the schools continues to be challenged.


SP reported that the foliage at the Junction of Hadlow Down Road and Western Road is still causing a visibility problem for pedestrians.

Clogged Gutters

The gutters between the railway bridge and the junction of Wetsern Road and Rotherfield Road remain badly clogged with dirt and stones. The gutters do not appear to have been cleared since this issue was last reported.

Jarvis Brook Signage

EF reported that she had raised with Crowborough Town Council (CTC) the issue of signs denoting the boundary of Jarvis Brook, but that the proposal to implement signage had been rejected due to insufficient support. Support for the signs remains amongst panel members, and it was noted that visitors continue to stop and ask directions to Jarvis Brook, even though they are already within the boundary.

JB's Redevelopment

JP reported that volunteers have come forward to be trustees of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to manage the redevelopment of JB's, and good progress continues to be made. More volunteers to sit on the redevelopment committee would be welcome.

Existing Policing Priorities

Jarvis Brook

Priority 1: Road Safety - Western Road.

Priority 2: Illegal and Anti-Social Parking throughout Jarvis Brook.

East Ward

Priority 1: Speeding

New Policing Priorities

Jarvis Brook

Priority 1: Road Safety - Western Road.

Priority 2: Illegal and Anti-Social Parking throughout Jarvis Brook.

Priority 3: Pedestrian Crossing

East Ward

Priority 1: Speeding in the vicinity of the junction of Blackness Road and Luxford Road.

Installation of Lighting at Jarvis brook Crossing

PC reported that this had been raised with CTC. Given current budget constraints, the Highways Authority may request matched funding for schemes such as this. RS confirmed that ESCC are supportive of improved, directional lighting at the crossing, since visibility at this location appears to be very poor.

Crowborough Neighbourhood Plan

Crowborough is considering development of a Neighbourhood Plan. PC explained that CTC was currently selecting an independent consultant that would meet with individuals and groups within Crowborough in order to develop a plan that would meet the needs of all residents. Once a plan has been developed, it will be put to a referendum; to be adopted, a minimum of 50% support would be required.

Although the plan would not be legally binding, there would be a duty on planners to consider it when making planning decisions.

PC expected that the plan would be consulted on by the Autumn of 2014, but that the process of scrutiny and ratification would prevent a referendum being held in the same year.

Other Business

Commuter Parking

It was agreed that commuter parking is a serious problem in Jarvis Brook. Although commuters are entitled to park on the carriageway, their vehicles are causing a significant amount of congestion. Commuters are travelling from other towns to Jarvis brook to benefit from the lower train fares on the Uckfield line, but there is insufficient parking provision at the station. It was also felt that some commuters are unwilling to pay the parking charges.

There have already been some incidents involving interference with commuters' vehicles, which the police have investigated, or are currently investigating. WDC Councillor Steve Isted has previously reported to the panel that WDC have tried to arrange a meeting with Southern Rail to discuss commuter parking, but these attempts have been unsuccessful.

Where vehicles have been parked in a way that causes an obstruction, the police have been giving words of advice, or have enforced parking penalties when appropriate.

The commuter parking problem will be raised again at future panel meetings.


Speeding along Crowborough Hill in the vicinity of the junction of Osborne Road and Crowborough Hill was discussed. A speed check has been carried out at this location, and the results showed an average vehicle speed of 32.6mph. Some panel members asked for more comprehensive statistics, which RW agreed to supply at a future meeting.

When accidents occur, the police will normally only attend in the event of injury. Damage-only incidents are not officially reported, but RW will keep RS and ST informed of incidents in the area in order to support the request for parking restrictions. RS and ST encouraged residents to report to them any incidents witnessed.

Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Friday, 2nd May, 2014, at 12pm in the St. Michael's Church Hall. St Michael's were again thanked for providing a venue for the meeting, and for providing drinks and biscuits.




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