Committee Elected 14/05/13


Chairman - Fred Best

Treasurer - Moya Edmonds

Secretary - Jo Stonebrook


Area Representatives


Adam Close 

Rita Wood


Alderbrook Close

Pat & George Jones


Alderbrook Path &

Aldervale Cottages

Gwen Cottingham


Alderbrook Way

Craig Murrell


Stonecross Road

Barbara & Steve Ellen


Walshes Cottages  

Fred Best 


News Hound

Raymond Wand



All residents are members of the Association - use your voice to make a change for the better.


Please contact your Area Rep via the contact form or call Fred Best on 0758 181 1433 and he will forward your request. 


Repairs Service to our Council properties- Urgent Announcement

I thought I would bring you all up to date with the arrangements we have put in place for the next 7-10 months for our main day to day repairs and voids contract.


Interim contractor

Talks and checks have been taking place since the demise of Richardsons with a few contractors. We have selected Booker and Best to work with us for the next 7-10 months to deliver the day to day repairs and voids contract.


Booker and Best are going to take a few months to get up to date with all of the repairs, as there were around 300+ outstanding when Richardsons went into administration. The property services team will have to re-prioritise jobs for a while, and some jobs will take longer than normal, so we ask that everyone bears with them whilst this happens. For the next month or so the property services team will continue to take the phone calls for Booker and Best whilst they get up to speed and thus provide continuity of customer care. But after that the phones will be patched through to the contractor to enable Booker and Best to offer appointments at source.


Please can I remind everyone, that repairs for Gas and Electrics are unaffected and will continue to be provided by BSW and Barthomolews.


Long term contractor

Letters were sent out to leaseholders on Friday 14 November 2014 to start the Section 20 consultation for the OJEU procurement process to commission a longer term contractor.


I intend to include information in the covering letter to the Calendar this year to ensure every tenant and leaseholder has been brought up to date.




If you have any questions or queries in the meantime, please contact me:


Thank you



Amanda Hodge

Head of Housing & Property Services


Fed up with not being heard regarding Housing & other issues affecting Crowborough?

The Residents of Crowborough are in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

 Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory plan which will guide the future development of Crowborough for the next 15-20 years. The Plan document should reflect the hopes and aspirations of the residents of Crowborough.


The Town Council supports the NP but it is resident led. Many of the town councillors are involved to encourage people to take part and if necessary help run meetings etc. Additionally, the Town Hall is used for meetings.


On 5th June 2014 Wealden District Council formally designated the parish of Crowborough as a Neighbourhood Area, for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning.


There was an initial launch and discussion meeting in June 2014 where local residents voiced their support for the Plan.


A follow up meeting was held at the Town Hall on 17th September 2014 and from this meeting a Steering Committee and 4 Working Parties were formed , who will now lead the production of the Plan Document. The first meetings of each group will take place in October - see timetable below.

All meetings will be held at the Town Hall at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.


1st October 2014 Steering Committee - Minutes available

8th October Community Facilities - Minutes available

15th October Environment - Minutes available

29th October Commercial - Minutes available

30th October Transport & Housing - Minutes available

19th November Environment

26th November Community Facilities

3rd December Steering Committee

10th December Commercial


Click on the Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Introduction Document which can be found on the website here:


If you have an interest in the Neighbourhood Plan, please email


Hopefully residents of Crowborough can make a difference to their area.

Minutes of meetings can also be found on the website - some of which have been attended by representatives of ACA.



Walshes Manor Planning Application

  APPROVED 23RD OCTOBER 2014 WD/2014/1565/MEA


Proposed 160 houses between Adam Close, Walshes Rd & Walsh Manor, at the top of Walshes Rd opposite the parade of shops just along from Fermor Road.

A last minute document appeared on the Planning site late on 22nd October with East Sussex Highways doing a U turn on their previous REFUSAL.

They said they now APPROVED the plans having met with Rydon and WDC to discuss how traffice issues could be alleviated and as they were happy with Rydons proposals they changed their stance.

For more information see the Walshes Road Page on this site.



The Association meets every other month - the next meeting is on Tuesday 11th November 2014 - all welcome to come along - 7.00pm St Richard's Church Hall.

Regretfully, Fred Best, our Chairman is standing down at the end of the next meeting - Fred has given many hours to help residents in the area so we will be very sorry to see him go. Any interested residents who may like to become our new Chairperson please call Jo on 0771 261 1209 - your community needs you!

We hold 6 meetings per year plus 4 Walkabouts to check on the estate with Housing Officers, local Councillors and our PCSO.

You would be well supported by a constructive committee who like to get things done. The reason we only have 6 meetings per year now is because the area is nice and peaceful with few problems - if you feel different then please feel free to come along to our next meeting or get in touch using the contact form on this site.


Immobilise Scheme

Please see the link below to a short Sussex Police video which explains the benefits of registering with Immobilise:


Food Hygiene Course

Date: Saturday 15th November 2014

Time: 9.45am for a 10.00am start

Place: The Council Chamber, Uckfield Civic Centre, Uckfield.

The overall timing of the course is 6 to 7 hours and is assessed by a 30 question multiple choice test. Successful candidates need to achieve a score of 20/30  to pass the test and gain the Level 2 Certificate.

Please can you share this with members of your Community group or Sheltered Scheme, and let me know names of attendees by Monday 3rd November at the latest.

Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided, please notify me of any special dietary requirements when confirming attendance. Travel costs can be reimbursed.

Please let me know if you will require any further information.

Ellie Boultbee.

Tenant Participation Worker,

Wealden District Council.

Tel: 01323 443511

Mob: 07985 812006




Christmas Raffle

Any donations for our Christmas Raffle would be gratefully received.

We hope to run another Christmas Shopping Trip which is partly funded by the Association so all Fund Raising helps! Contact your local Rep for information.


It's Back!

Sussex Police

Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team

Operation Blitz

An Operation Blitz team will be patrolling your area on designated days.


Our Party in the Park event raised £173.60 - thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this day a success - even the weather was great!


Greetings Cards!

Committee member Gwen Cottingham has offered to donate some money raised from the sale of her handmade cards to the Association. If you would like to purchase some please contact her or contact Fred or Jo.


To Report a Pothole, visit East Sussex County Council website at:


Estate Walkabouts

11am from Noticeboard in Alderbrook Close

9th Dec 2014


Grit Bins

To help with spreading the grit on roads & pavements please contact the following person for your area who hold Keys:


Fred Best - 96 Alderbrook Close/Stonecross Road Tel 0758 181 1433

Barbara & Steve Ellen - 15 Aldervale

Mike - 9 Alderbrook Way

Gwen Cottingham - 5 Alderbrook Path

Charlie Abbott - 33 Adam Close Tel 653188

Raymond Wand - 54a Alderbrook Close


Remember you don't need lots of grit for it to be effective!

Many thanks for the donations we have received towards replacement grit.


 New Waste Collection Service

Have you experienced any problems with your service?

Bad or even good reports would be much appreciated.

Contact Jo on 0771 261 1209 or email via the Contact us page


No Cold Calling Zone

Signs have now been erected and an "Official" launch was on Tuesday 19th March 2013

By signing up to the scheme residents on the estate are deterring univited callers.


 Volunteers Always Needed!

We need residents whether they be private, council or Housing Association tenants to help us do more. So much has been achieved in a short period of time but we can do more to improve quality the of life here in the Alderbrook area - if you want to be part of it please do contact us.

Many of us work full-time so help is always gratefully received.

There are many different topics that need residents involvement - our group only have 10 meetings a year but we also attend meetings for WRAG (Wealden Residents Action Group) who "oversee" all the community groups with issues that affect us all; the Community & Environmental Budget meetings where funding is allocation (see Noticeboards below) as well as getting involved in all the changes such as Council Tax, Benefits and the new Tenancies.

If you don't get involved or give us your input you have no reason to complain - we can and do influence issues but you need to get involved and have your say if not for yourself then for your children or relatives.

Thank you to the volunteers who have offered their services so far - more always welcome!



Please keep an eye on these for up to date information - if you have a local event you would like to advertise please contact Jo - 0771 261 1209


Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Should anyone be interested in becoming a co-ordinator please contact the Association.


Anti-Social Driving a problem? Check out the Sussex Police Website for info at:


Sally Wallace from Alderbrook has trained as an animal microchip implanter, is fully insured and Kennel Club registered. £15 for one animal which is much cheaper than the vets and she will go to peoples home to save the stress of taking the animal to the vets. Contact her on : 07766 292746