Committee Elected 20/5/19


Chairman - Fred Best

Treasurer - Simon Thomas

Secretaries - Jo Stonebrook              & Sam Read

Help In The Community - Sam Read

Area Representatives


Adam Close 



Alderbrook Close

Fred Best


Alderbrook Path

Gwen Cottingham

Aldervale Cottages

Barbara & Steve


Alderbrook Way

Jo Stonebrook


Stonecross Road

Sam Read


Walshes Cottages/Fermor Rd 

Kim Read 


News Hound

Raymond Wand



All residents whether they are Tenants or Home Owners are members of the Association - use your voice to make a change for the better.


Please contact your Area Rep in person, via the contact form or call Fred Best on 07958 473271

Alderbrook Community Association Contact Details


Tel: 0771 261 1209

See our New Facebook Page HERE


Please do get in touch with any issues you may have - we will try and help.


Your Wealden District Council Housing Officer is Chrissie Box - For all Housing matters such as Repairs, Rent, Exchanges, Neighbours etc please contact her here:

Contact Your Housing Officer


Follow us on Facebook for up to the minutes information - click the link below:

Alderbrook community association



The Association meets every other month on the 3rd Monday of the month - All Welcome 

Next Meeting Monday 16th September 2019 - 7pm at St Richard's Church Hall then:

Monday 18th November


Estate Walkabouts

These involve members of the Association, representatives from Wealden Housing and Councillors walking roound the estate and reporting/actioning any issues that need addressing.  All are welcome - meet at the Noticeboard at 11am Alderbrook Close.

The next Walkabout is on:

Thursday 19th September 


 Area Reps can be found listed in the banner on the left hand side of this page.  These are all local people so please feel free to approach them should you have any issues.


We hold 6 meetings per year plus 4 Walkabouts to check on any issues around the estate with Housing Officers, local Councillors residents.

You would be well supported by a constructive committee who like to get things done. The reason we only have 6 meetings per year now is because the area is nice and peaceful with few problems - if you feel different then please feel free to come along to our next meeting or get in touch using the details shown at the top of this page.


Crowborough Foodbank
United Church, Croft Road, Crowborough TN6 1HA. Tel: 07936 515 798

Email: Website:

Twitter: @CrowboroughFB


To Report a Pothole, visit East Sussex County Council website at:


For information on Bus Service please see the Bus Information page - some new services and mobile times and Smart Cards now available.


Grit Bins

To help with spreading the grit on roads & pavements please contact the following person for your area who hold Keys:


Sam Read - Stone Cross Road

Bet Vincent - 142 Alderbrook Close 

Barbara & Steve - Aldervale

Gwen Cottingham - 5 Alderbrook Path

Raymond Wand - 54a Alderbrook Close

29 Adam Close

Jo Stonebrook - Alderbrook Way


Remember you don't need lots of grit for it to be effective and these people are Volunteers so may not always be available.  If you would like to help please contact us - details at the top of this page.


Many thanks for the donations we have received towards replacement grit which we as an Association pay for.


No Cold Calling Zone

Since Tuesday 19th March 2013 this area is a No Cold Calling Zone.

By signing up to the scheme residents on the estate are deterring univited callers - please always request Identification for anyone wishing to enter your home.


 Volunteers Always Needed!

We need residents whether they be private, council or Housing Association tenants to help us do more. So much has been achieved in a short period of time but we can do more to improve quality the of life here in the Alderbrook area - if you want to be part of it please do contact us.

Many of us work full-time so help is always gratefully received.

There are many different topics that need residents involvement - our group only have 6 meetings a year but we also attend meetings for WRAG (Wealden Residents Action Group) who "oversee" all the community groups with issues that affect us all as well as getting involved in all the changes such as Council Tax, Benefits and the new Tenancies and even new Housing!  There are also reading groups who are asked to check over information Wealden is to send to residents and focus groups that deal with specific issues.

If you don't get involved or give us your input you have no reason to complain - we can and do influence issues but you need to get involved and have your say if not for yourself then for your children or relatives.  Housing is in such short supply and Wealden are trying to do what they can to address local issues so if you want to be involved please get in touch.

Thank you to the volunteers who have offered their services so far - more always welcome!



Please keep an eye on these for up to date information - if you have a local event you would like to advertise please contact Jo - 0771 261 1209



Anti-Social Driving a problem? Check out the Sussex Police Website for info at: