In a surprising move we have learnt today 18/10/2012 that Gleeson have withdrawn their Appeal.


Information about how the Appeal is conducted from our Wealden District Councillor:


The Public Inquiry will be quite formal and run a bit like a Court case i.e. with cross examination of witnesses etc.


I think that it would be a good idea to send representatives of the ACA and anybody, any group or organisation that made representations on the original application should be contacted by Wealden/ the Planning Inspectorate with details of the inquiry and all earlier written representations will be put before the Inspector. If there are any further ‘Interested party comments’ they should be sent to PINS by 25th September. Certainly the ESCC Highways original consultation response will continue to be significant and hopefully ESCC Highways should be encouraged to participate in the inquiry. Of course this time they will be on the same side as Wealden opposing the appeal. I know that Sylvia and Richard are on top of this and are in regular contact with the Highways dept.


Both sides will have to file details of their cases in due course together with ‘Proofs’ – formal written statements of witnesses supporting their case and we will be able to see these when they are available. There will be time to consider all of this in due course. You can see the timetable and PINS contact details etc. for the appeal at 


I certainly intend to be at as much of the appeal hearing in December as I can manage to attend.




Kind regards,


Cllr David Larkin

Wealden District Councillor